How to Use Space under the Stairs

Have you ever wondered how you would use the space under the staircase? Well, there are modern under stairs ideas you can rely on to convert this area into practical storage or workspace. There are under stairs ideas in living room that can be a creative addition to your home as the transformation will be worth it. The under-the-stairs storage ideas are genius as they are innumerable, which means your options are limitless. Let’s look at some creative and expert ideas on using the space under the stairs.

Create a seating spot

Having an ultimate entertainment area under your stairs is a proper way of using this space. Through building shelves and a bench to sit on, you can place books on the shelves and use the area as a haven for you after a long day of hustling here and there. This can also be an escapist for you when you need a drink, so make it as cozy as possible to accommodate you whenever you need its warmth.

Kitchen pantry

This is among some of the best ideas for space under stairs creative-ideas-how-to-use-space-under-the-stairs/. Having a kitchen pantry take up this space is great as you utilize it to the maximum as you get a room for storing non-perishable foods. Come up with an effective strategy for creating the outlook of the pantry as you will need cabinets and shelves to place your foods on.

Hallway storage

As under stairs space ideas are created frequently, you can use this space however you please as long as it works out. Hallway storage is a cunning way of using this space as you get to incorporate storage compartments, coat hooks, and a bench. You can also get the under stairs shoe storage by using one side as a shoe rack. This will keep you away from tripping off of disorganized shoes.

Dog house

Those with a dog can use this space to create a conducive and comfortable dog house for their pet. This is much better than building the house outside, as numerous factors will affect the dog’s peace of mind and health. A dog house inside your house keeps the dog warm and happy as it feels like a true part of your family.


Elegance is something you achieve to get once you decide to optimize the space under your stairs. Doing this makes the area look fresh and not neglected or dismissed as it is also a part of your house, and you should not disregard it.