Mike Rowland welcomes you

Mike Rowland, composer of the Fairy Ring and other well known titles, talks about why he writes music and how learning for a Masters degree in electroacoustic music has added to his original inspiration! As many of you will know Mike's music is inspired and created through listening to his inner voice, to the voice of music that speaks within him. Each of his titles takes you on a journey filled with inspiration. The music is classical, orchestral and with his beautiful piano playing appears in many films and teaching videos across the world. It is used by teachers, by hospitals, by doctors preparing patients for surgery, as well as Shirley Maclain for her video "The Inner Workout".

Mike is currently compiling a book about healing and music and we invite you to contribute and send Mike details of your experiences through listening to his healing music. These details are beginning to create the important research that goes to prove music and healing are related.

Our main website, which features more on the music and teachings of Mike and Jana Rowland, including performnces, workshops and recordings shop, can be found at Ambient Classical.



Mike Rowland - composer